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Kindness Video Contest Winners Announced

In celebration of Kindness Week, which ran in St. Clair Catholic schools November 16 through 20, students in all classrooms were invited to participate in a video contest.  Twenty-three classrooms submitted videos, which were judged last week.

“It’s never easy being a judge … especially when all of the videos are of such amazing quality,” says Deb Crawford, Director of Education.  “I want to thank all of the students and staff for their work on these videos, all of which conveyed messages of warmth, gentleness, empathy and friendship that are the very spirit of what it is to be kind.”

After much deliberation, three winners were selected by our judges.  They are listed below.

“Thank you again to all participants,” says Mrs. Crawford.  “Let’s continue to spread kindness in our schools each and every day.  After all, kindness is contagious!”

Primary Division Winner

Vanessa Mina’s Kindergarten class – St. Anne, Sarnia

Junior Division Winner

Jillian Watterworth’s Grade 3-4 class – Georges P. Vanier, Chatham

Intermediate Division Winner

Angela DeMeester’s Grade 7-8 class – St. Ursula, Chatham

Secondary Division Winner

Renée Culverwell’s Grade 12 class – Ursuline College, Chatham

Honourable Mention

Jen Brown Nead’s Kindergarten class – Sacred Heart, Sarnia

Honourable Mention

Janine Ross’ Grade 2-3 class – St. Anne, Sarnia

A Special Thank you!

Out to Jillian Fantuz’s Grade 7-8 English class from St. Anne Blenheim for creating the Kindness Week promotional video, COVID with a Chance of Kindness.

Thanks also to St. Clair Catholic Mental Health Lead Christine Preece for organizing and overseeing the video contest.