Holiday Highlight Winners Announced

If the Holiday Highlight draw has proven anything, it is that St. Clair Catholic students have been busy supporting their mental health and wellness over the holiday break by engaging in lots of fun activities! Students across the board from JK to Grade 12 were invited to Share The Good, as they related experiences that they had during their time away from school. From building a snowman for Jesus, to ice skating in the backyard, to picking out a Christmas tree, it seems that students have made the best of a holiday season that was definitely unusual, due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Nolan, a student at Christ The King Catholic School, Wallaceburg says “I liked going skating in my backyard. I have a rink and when it’s really cold it freezes. I could go really fast and score on my hockey net. I can’t go to hockey because of the sickness and I liked playing hockey at my house. I wore my new Auston Matthew’s jersey.”
June, a student at St. Philip Catholic School in Petrolia says, “”I painted Christmas crafts. Then I went caroling and delivered them to seniors from my church who are shut in because of the pandemic. Trying to shine the love of Jesus!”

“I want to thank all of our students who submitted an entry,” says Deb Crawford, Director of Education. “Your submissions brought smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts…what a great start to 2021!”

The winners of the Holiday Highlight draw are listed below. Congratulations to all of our winners!

· Nikolas (St. Peter Canisius)
· Rosalyn (Monsignor Uyen)
· Emily (UCC)
· Ky (Holy Trinity)
· Darian (Holy Trinity)
· Ashlyn (St. Angela Merici)
· Jacob (Christ the King)
· Nolan (Christ the King)
· Logan (Christ the King)
· Delia (St. Michael BG)
· Lucy (St. Michael BG)
· Elliott (St. Michael BG)
· June (St. Philip)