Architect Selected to Design new Chatham Elementary School

The St. Clair Catholic District School Board has selected the architect to design the new South Chatham elementary school.

“I am pleased to announce that the Ventin Group Architects (+VG) has been selected to lead the design of our new Chatham school,” says Amy Janssens, Associate Director & Treasurer of the Board.

“Through the Board’s RFP (request for proposals) process, the Ventin Group Architects (+VG) emerged as the successful proponent,” says Mrs. Janssens.  The Ventin Group Architects (+VG) will assist the Board to develop a sustainable new school, which will include environmental and energy efficiency principles as part of the design.” 

As part of its proposal, the Ventin Group Architects (+VG) outlined its approach to the design process, including the ability to develop consensus and to successfully meet program requirements, schedule deadlines and budget restraints. 

Administrative staff will now begin to work with the Ventin Group Architects (+VG) to schedule User Group sessions, with students, parents, staff, trustees and senior administration, who will provide input into the schematic design.

 “We are looking forward to a successful working relationship with the Ventin Group Architects (+VG),” says Mrs. Janssens.