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CK Public Health COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics for Youth Ages Five-11

The following information is provided by Chatham-Kent Public Health…

Dear Parents/Guardians:

RE: Vaccination of Youth Ages Five-11 Against COVID-19

CK Public Health has started providing youth aged five to 11 with the Health Canada approved pediatric Pfizer vaccine. This marks a very important milestone in Chatham-Kent’s vaccination story and is a critical step forward in combating COVID-19 on a local level.

As more data has become available, it is clearer than ever before that vaccines are both effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 as well as reducing the severity of the disease. The absolute best protection you can provide your children against COVID-19 and its variants comes in the form of vaccination.

We have witnessed amongst our 12+ population that vaccines are vital to keeping schools open and keeping the in-person learning opportunities and recreational activities that children need to thrive, uninterrupted. In addition, it has assisted in protecting other family members such as younger, vaccine-ineligible siblings and relatives, as well as those with weaker or compromised immune systems.

While 80% of Chatham-Kent’s 12+ population is fully vaccinated, our youth aged five-11 have not had the opportunity to contribute to that percentage until now. This has resulted in nearly 60% of our active, local outbreaks being in schools, amongst school-aged children.

This vaccine is provided to children aged five to 11 and is a lower dosage than what teens and adults receive. It is both safe and effective at protecting this age group from COVID-19. While it is true that children who do get infected with COVID-19 typically experience mild symptoms, some get very sick, require hospitalization, and experience serious and long-lasting symptoms. Vaccines will help protect kids from COVID-19, reducing disruptions to learning while allowing them to play, learn, and develop as closely to normal as possible.

It is natural to have questions about the vaccine, and at CK Public Health we encourage those conversations to take place. To find out more about the pediatric Pfizer vaccine and our local clinic experience, please visit here. Those ready to book their appointment, can visit this link or call 519.351.1010.


W. David Colby, MSc., MD, FRCP (C) 
Medical Officer of Health
CK Public Health

It is important to note that immunization clinics will not be held in St. Clair Catholic elementary schools.  In addition, the decision whether to receive a vaccine is a family decision.  The St. Clair Catholic District School Board facilitates the provision of public health information but does not provide health care advice or recommendations.