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The Human Connection Challenge a Success!

Staff and students participated in #TheHumanConnectionChallenge during the week of February 21-25th to learn more about how human connection positively impacts our wellbeing and how disconnecting from technology, screens, and social media can improve our mental health. The challenge also focused on kindness, anti-bullying and anti-hate in recognition of Pink Shirt Day in Canada on February 23rd. 

In addition to many activities, the week also included contests for staff and students. Congratulations to the contest winners, who are listed below:  

Classroom Contest Winner:

Christina Campagna’s Grade 1/2 Class at St. Joseph, Corunna created a song, which highlights what they learned about during the Human Connection Challenge. In their video, they sing about the importance of connecting with others, being kind in person and online, staying safe online, doing a media cleanse and being aware of their digital footprints. Well done! 

Watch the video here: 

Staff Winners:

33 staff members participated in a draw, in which they shared one thing they learned during the Human Connection Challenge. Congratulations to the five draw winners!

  1.  Robyn Howlett
  2.  Lindsay Chambers
  3.  Brooke Smyth
  4.  Lisa Harnarine
  5.  Steven Bryce

All winners will be contacted this week to organize the distribution of prizes.