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Student-Led Wellness Week at St. Pat’s Well Received

St. Patrick’s Catholic High School celebrated Wellness Week last week.  The event was organized by the students of the Grade 12 Leadership Class, with the support of the school’s Wellness Committee. Six workshops focused on one of the six spheres of wellness: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and environmental wellness. A Wellness Fair kicked off the week, with wellness-focused activities, including a food workshop, morning yoga, rock painting, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, henna tattoos, and a social games gathering. 

Student-Led Wellness Week at St. Pats Well Received
Students participate in a henna tattoo social (left) as well as rock painting (right) where students could heal and practice wellbeing through art and creativity.

“It was so exciting to see the school spirit being brought back into the building,” says Child and Youth Worker, Victoria Ennett. “The success of the event and the positive uptake by the school community has both students and staff very much looking forward to future wellness events to come!”