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Mustard Seed Challenge Results in Huge Food Donation to Inn of the Good Shepherd

Students at St. Anne Catholic School in Sarnia recently participated in the Mustard Seed Challenge.  The event was a collaboration among the school’s Social Justice and Wellbeing Team, St. Patrick’s Catholic High School and Development and Peace.

“The Mustard Seed Challenge is based on the Parable of the Mustard Seed, in which Jesus explains that when the seeds of God’s Kingdom are sown, they will grow to produce amazing results,” says Stephanie Orrange, Principal of St. Anne Catholic School.

The wellbeing team challenged the students to donate canned food items.  Classrooms paired up and designed ‘can-struction’ creations.  At the conclusion of the event, the items were donated to St. Patrick’s Catholic High School, to be included in their collections for Cyclone Aid.  All food items were donated to the Inn of the Good Shepherd.

“Through this event, our students have seen that small donations can grow to a large contribution, that will support the growth of God’s Kingdom here on earth,” says Mrs. Orrange.  “It is a demonstration of our Board’s values that we are called to serve our world, with respect that is rooted in love.”