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First-Ever Interscholastic Student Debate Held at Catholic Education Centre

Students from Ursuline College in Chatham and St. Patrick’s Catholic High School in Sarnia met for an interscholastic debate at the Catholic Education Centre in Wallaceburg – the first such event ever held.

Each school fielded two teams, both of which debated two topics:

  • This house believes that stricter restrictions should be placed on the books allowed in our schools; and
  • This house believes that students should be streamed based on academic achievement.

The debate coaches for St. Patrick’s were Payton Jacklin and Natalie Gouveia, with debaters Elevanne Crone, Joey Kielt, Pavi Padmananthan, Madison Pickard, Annabelle Rayson and Hudson Thomas.  Team Ursuline College was coached by Mark Broadbent, with debaters Aidan Runnalls, Shelby Marcovich, Jackson Bourdeau, Alexander Campbell and Christina John.

“The art of debate gives students another opportunity to develop their oral skills,” says Payton Jacklin, one of the convenors of the event.  “Debate is one of many activities that can help students deepen critical thinking and build confidence in communication.”

Special thanks to the judges for the day: Renee Van Damme Marcus, Chris St. Amand and Robert Walicki.