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St. Clair Catholic Schools in Forest and Bright’s Grove Partner with Lambton Public Health and St. Clair Conservation Authority to Plant Trees

17 new trees were planted on Catholic school yards in Forest and Bright’s Grove recently.  The trees are courtesy of Lambton Public Health and the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, through funding from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

At St. John Fisher in Forest, nine new trees were planted, including three red maples, two silver maples, two skyline honey-locusts and two bur oaks. 

The project was led by the school’s Earth Club.

“These trees will be here for many generations of students to enjoy,” says Daniela Mezzatesta, Principal of St. John Fisher Catholic School.  “Trees provide shade, which is good for our physical health; but they’re also good for our mental health and social wellbeing.  Thanks to the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority and Lambton Public Health for this great partnership.”

At St. Michael Catholic School in Bright’s Grove, eight trees were planted under the leadership of the school’s Grade 7 and 8 Wellness Team. 

“This was also an opportunity for staff and students to discuss the beauty of God’s earth and the measures we can all take in our homes, our school and the greater community to protect it,” says Steve DeGurse, Principal of St. Michael Catholic School.

As a side note, while digging holes to plant the trees, students at St. John Fisher unearthed a Bank of Upper Canada coin.  After a bit of research, the students found it to be a one penny token from the year 1852!