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Students at Sacred Heart Port Lambton Celebrate Trees in Partnership with Hydro One; and Learn About Community Safety from the OPP

It was Arbour Day in the fall at Sacred Heart Port Lambton recently.  The school was selected by Hydro One, as a partner school in its environmental initiative to bring awareness to young people about the importance of trees.

“Our students learned that trees play a vital role in sustaining life on our planet,” says Carrie Webb Coene, Principal of Sacred Heart Catholic School. “They are a symbol of growth and resilience and they provide us with clean air, shade and a habitat for countless species of wildlife.”

Hydro One provided the school with a maple tree, which was planted in the front yard of the school.  In addition, each student received a seedling to take home.

The Ontario Provincial Police also participated in the event.

“Just like trees, our police play a crucial role in our community,” says Mrs. Webb Coene.  “They protect and serve us by working to ensure our safety and wellbeing.”

On behalf of the students and staff, Mrs. Webb Coene expressed her thanks to both Hydro One and the Ontario Provincial Police for helping to make the day so informative, interactive and fun!