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Provincial and Civic Dignitaries Along with School Community Members and Neighbours Tour the New Gregory A. Hogan Catholic School

Principal Derek Morrison and Vice Principal Tina Jarvis played host to hundreds of visitors at the new Gregory A. Hogan Catholic School this week, as the local MPP, the Mayor, school community members and neighbours got a chance to tour the school.

On Thursday, April 4, Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey and Mayor Mike Bradley visited the school, along with Director of Education Scott Johnson and Superintendent of Education Michelle Sawa.  It was Mr. Bailey’s first return visit since the ground blessing ceremony in October 2022.

“I’m very impressed with this new school and I know the Catholic community must be very proud,” says Mr. Bailey.  “I know the province is in this for about $24 million and it’s money well spent.  I can see that from all the activity here today and all the young people, who are so engaged.  I am very impressed with the work they’re doing here.”

Mayor Mike Bradley says he is ‘overwhelmed’ by the new school and the planning and ingenuity that have resulted in such an impressive facility.  He also praised the cooperation between the Board and the City throughout the development stage.

“This school is in a new area and planning it has worked very well between the City of Sarnia and the school board,” says Mayor Bradley.  “It has worked for everyone, not just in the school, but in this neighbourhood too, which is a very fast-growing neighbourhood.”

On Wednesday, April 3 more than 400 people filed into the building to take part in a tour, including students with their families and people who live in the neighbourhood.  Grade 8 students volunteered to be tour guides for the event and they heard lots of high praise for the new school.

“I love it!  It’s lovely,” says Courtney Kreeft, whose daughter is in Grade 4.  “I love the gym.  I love the parking outside when you pick up the kids.  It’s so easy!”

“I went into the gym,” says Cory Chappelle, who has children in Grade 1 and Kindergarten.  “It’s really huge.  And when it comes to Christmas assemblies, they’re definitely going to be a lot better!”

“The technology is amazing,” says Iye Omon, a parent of children in SK and Grade 1.  “The kids are being exposed to this level of technology at such a young age.  I’m excited for them.”

An official Opening and Blessing ceremony is being planned for October.  Bishop Ronald Fabbro will preside over the Mass.  Mr. Bailey says Education Minister Stephen Lecce is also hoping that his calendar will permit him to attend.