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Third Annual Student Wellness Fair at St. Pat’s Attracts Over 800 Students

The third annual Student Wellness Fair at St. Pat’s was a resounding success, drawing over 800 students to the school’s library throughout the day. Hosted by the Student Wellness Committee, the event aimed to raise awareness about various well-being supports available both within the St. Pat’s community and from external agencies.

This year, the Student Wellness Committee collaborated with 12 different outside agencies to bring a diverse range of resources and support systems to the students. These agencies showcased various ways they can offer wellness assistance, helping teens navigate the challenges they face.

Four booths were provided by St. Pat’s students themselves, highlighting different opportunities for student involvement within the school. These booths demonstrated the positive impacts of participation on student well-being, encouraging peers to engage more actively in their school community.

Megan Woodward’s Business Class played a crucial role in the fair’s organization, showcasing the power of partnerships within the school. The event has become a highly anticipated part of the school year, with students looking forward to it eagerly.

“We are already planning for next year,” said a representative from the Student Wellness Committee. “Students truly look forward to this event every year, and it’s wonderful to see such enthusiastic participation and engagement.”

The Student Wellness Fair continues to grow, fostering a supportive environment for St. Pat’s students and emphasizing the importance of well-being in their daily lives.