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Georges P. Vanier and St. Ursula Catholic Schools Bid Farewell with Vibrant End-of-Year Play Days

Last week, Georges P. Vanier and St. Ursula Catholic Schools celebrated their final end-of-school-year play days before closing their doors for the last time.

The festivities began with each school hosting a celebratory mass where staff and students gathered in prayer to give thanks for the many years of learning, growth, and faith-formation their schools and communities provided. Following mass, both schools came alive with activity as parents and community members joined the celebrations, adding to the sense of unity. Hallways and classrooms were filled with memorabilia and historical displays, inviting attendees to journey through the schools’ rich histories. Old yearbooks, photographs, trophies, and awards provided a poignant reminder of each school’s enduring legacy.

“We are profoundly grateful to the dedicated staff who have made Georges P. Vanier and St. Ursula such incredible places for students to learn and grow,” said Scott Johnson, Director of Education. “Their hard work and commitment have built these remarkable communities whose legacies will continue on in the lives and hearts of students as they embark on their next chapter.”

Outside, attendees were able to soak in the beautiful weather as they enjoyed a variety of activities including face painting, water games, and much more.  St. Ursula hosted a unique petting zoo with many interesting animals, including kangaroos and snakes, for students to learn about and hold. Meanwhile, Georges P. Vanier held a carnival with classic games like ball toss and a dunk tank, where students eagerly lined up to dunk their favorite staff members. An array of BBQ-themed snacks, including hot dogs, ice cream, and watermelon, kept everyone energized and added to the festive atmosphere.

“I am incredibly grateful for the students, staff, and families who came together to make this celebration so special,” said Sara Vadovic, Principal of Georges P. Vanier. “Their enthusiasm and support truly made this day unforgettable.”

As the celebrations concluded at each school, emotions ran high. Joy and excitement mingled with nostalgia as students, staff, and community members reflected on the end of an era. The final play days at Georges P. Vanier and St. Ursula Catholic Schools were a fitting tribute to the schools’ longstanding traditions. While the doors of these beloved schools may be closing, the memories and impact will undoubtedly endure in the hearts of all who were part of their journeys.

Superintendent Lisa Demers highlighted the significance of the events, noting, “The enduring legacy of these school communities is evident today, and we are excited for the staff and students to come together as one school community next year.”

This September, the communities of Georges P. Vanier and St. Ursula Catholic Schools will come together as St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope and promise.