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St. Clair Catholic Celebrates Shannon Brown’s Appointment as Secretary of OACAS

Shannon Brown, a dedicated and accomplished Attendance Counsellor with St. Clair Catholic, has been appointed as the Secretary of the Ontario Association for Counselling and Attendance Services (OACAS) for the 2024-2025 school year. This prestigious appointment emphasizes Shannon’s exceptional commitment to student success and her outstanding contributions to school attendance across Ontario.

The OACAS plays a vital role in advocating for the right to education for every student in Ontario. As an Attendance Counsellor with St. Clair Catholic, Mrs. Brown has been instrumental in maintaining the crucial link between school, students, and their caregivers, ensuring that every child has access to quality education through supportive intervention, counselling, and collaboration with community agencies.

“Shannon’s dedication and passion for student achievement are truly inspiring. Her new role as Secretary of the OACAS is a testament to her unwavering commitment to education and student well-being,” expressed Lisa Demers, Superintendent of Education. “We are incredibly proud of Shannon and confident that she will bring valuable insights and energy to this role.”

The OACAS shared that their work for the 2024-2025 school year focus on the development of vital resources including an attendance toolkit, an attendance awareness campaign, and expanded professional development for school staff. These initiatives are designed to support marginalized students and struggling families, with the goal of improving student attendance, fostering a passion for learning, and enhancing the mental health and well-being of all students.

“I am incredibly honored to take on the role of Secretary with the OACAS. This opportunity allows me to contribute to the promotion of student success across Ontario in a significant way,” shared Mrs. Brown. “My involvement in the OACAS will directly benefit our St. Clair Catholic students as I work to ensure knowledge and resource translation throughout our schools. This is an exciting time for educational development, and I am eager to collaborate with my colleagues to support students’ right to education throughout Ontario.”

As Mrs. Brown steps into the role in September, St. Clair Catholic looks forward to the positive impact her involvement in the OACAS will bring. Her dedication to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed is a beacon of hope and progress for the future of education both locally and provincially.